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We have schools waiting to partner with you! 

It can be tough to break into the world of educational services or tutoring.  With Luminate Brands, you can fuel ahead with the history of 8 years of successful service contracts with School Districts, and State Deparmtents. We have worked with hundreds of schools nationwide and have schools waiting to partner with you! Our team will  will set you up with our proven system, tools , training and program lacement at schools to get started.

Affordable Franchising-Get started with $1000

We purposefully made Luminate Brands an affordable franchise for one reason. We want to use character, commitment and skills to select candidates vs. upfront funds. 

If selected, you would receive  a minimum of  two guaranteed assigned schools set up for you to start a Luminate Brands  tutorial program,  a fully proven and automated tutorial program manual and software tools to run a smooth program along with one month of management training.  All for the cost of $1000.

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Or Start your own Branded Program with our White Labeling Solutions- starting at $499

If you've ever thought about opening a before and after school enrichment,  tutoring program or general business selling educational products and services- you probably have researched to find out that there are a lot of hurdles to overcome. Our grant, licensing and site set up team will walk you through full set up with no stress or unanswered questions along the way.  We'll also build and automate your educational business for you.

We will also provide you with the educational content, curriculum and system for a full program to start your business!

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